22/10 Joshua Ray Walker (US) – Kontoret

22/10 Joshua Ray Walker (US) – Kontoret

Joshua Ray Walker tog den snåriga vägen till den traditionella countryn efter en uppväxt i östra Dallas färgad av musiken från ‘Smokey Mountains’. Härdad av ett flitigt turnerande (250+ spelningar per år), i diverse band med varierande musikalisk inriktning – framförallt i hemstaten Texas – har han som musiker erfarenheter som vida överstiger hans ålder. Även om han är ny som solo-artist på den internationella scenen är han sannerligen hemtam på scenen, och han har redan delat scen med bland andra Old 97’s, Vandoliers, Colter Wall och BJ Barham. Hans melodiska, karaktärs-drivna låtskrivande sätter nytt ljus på traditionellt country-berättande och med sin klara, distinkta röst förtrollar han sina åhörare. Debutalbumet ’Wish You Were Here’ kom ut i Januari

His name is Joshua Ray Walker, and he’s from Dallas, TX. And with his debut album he’s slinging out the deep and ugly gut bucket country blues with enough brokenhearted bad times and broke bad regrets to get you curled up in a fetal position and sobbing like a little girl on the cold, hard, sawdust floor in that good kind of country music way you crave.
This is music that sounds like it’s oozing out of a grease-stained 70’s truck stop every time a lot lizard or gear jammer opens and shuts the door. This is music that makes you palpably feel the raw emotions of run down life and ragged dreams with no perfumes or filters to soften the pain, yet underneath the dirt and stink are these sad poetic notions that speak to the wisdom behind a life hard lived.
From the under-heralded honky tonk scene in Dallas where performers and their fans scrunch into tiny venues like the rundown Double Wide on Commerce St. to partake in their weekly beer chugging rituals, Joshua Ray Walker has been working over the crowds of regulars for the last couple of years, while slithering into opportunities to share the stage with the likes of Colter Wall, American Aquarium, and and others when they come rolling through town, or with fellow Dallas-based bands such as the Old 97’s and Vandoliers.
Joshua Ray’s debut album Wish You Were Here is his opportunity to step into the spotlight, and prove his songs are worthy of an audience beyond Big D, and he pulls it off by penning tunes beyond his years, matching them up with a mournful sound worthy of the sorrow-soaked sentiments, and at times surprising you with the strong and powerful yodel.


Begränsat antal platser, så kom i tid!

Inträde 100 kr.
BYO – (Bring your own) ta med egen dryck och snacks.
Dörrarna öppnar 18.30.

I samarbete med Trailerpark Production, Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten, Out on the Rise och Studiefrämjande

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