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25/5 INSTÄLLT!! Matt Horan & the C.A.F. band (Florida, US) + Magnus Nordin (In the circle) – Folkets Hus

Because of certain legal circumstances that have risen in my life, I will not be able to leave the United States for the time being and it will be physically impossible for me to perform in my 2023 European tour.  I deeply apologize and thank you for always taking such good care of me for the past 10 years. I hope to return to Europe in the distant future.  I appreciate your understanding  and I wish you the best. Keep rockin!

Matt Horan and the CAF band


Matt Horan (Davie, Florida), is the epitome of the drifter musician. He literally has been touring the world since 2005, as a true ambassador of American culture and traditional music preaching the word of Hank Williams and other American country and folk heroes. Roaming through north, central & south America and all over Europe, Horan has given countless concerts from the street corners of Mexico City to concert halls in the performing arts center in Bilbao, Spain & in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to prestigious music festivals like Sziget Budapest . Horan isn’t just a simple song writer but he is also an actor, making his debut as the protagonist in “The Night Watchman” (2016), which he also composed the original movie soundtrack. He’s been touring the US and Europe annually since 2012 and continues to do so as a solo folk artist as well as with a full band.

Better known as the front man of Dead Bronco, where he was recognized by the BBC as most promising artist of 2013 (BBC Music Video Awards); a band which started off as cowpunk but later warped into heavy dark folk. After making the transition, he started to miss his country roots and decided to start his solo career with ¨Matt Horan – American Folk Singer¨, releasing “Tears From the Mountain” 2020 (a solo act of traditional folk/country mountain music). With the great acceptance of his debut album, he later decided to record a full band album releasing “You Ain’t Country” in 2022, bringing back that old beer drinkin’, honky tonkin’ country sound with ¨Matt Horan & the C.A.F. Band¨. Known for his signature vocal style with enchanting yodels from the high hills mixing traditional country, blues, and western swing with a don’t tread on me attitude.

Musician, actor, & writer, Horan strives to be a true story teller by living what he writes and continues to create and release not just music but literary works and visual projects that are truly passionate and sincere. This is “Balls to the Wall Country Music”.

“A true grit band- definitely a story worth telling. You can almost feel the dust in the air and the heat of the sun.”

– BBC (UK)
“Real honky tonk country music.”

– Cowboy’s Juke Joint Radio (USA)
“The album deserves to be held up as a potential modern country classic. You Ain’t Country deserves a wide audience across fans of the genre and Horan the success it should bring.”

– Nathan Whittle, Louder Than War (UK)
“Matt Horan has played his way into my heart with his strong solo debut.”

– Sounds of South (Germany)
“I love how Matt Horan sings, what he does is very honest.. He sings from his guts.”

– Diego J.R. El Sotano Radio 3 (Spain)
“The true voice of American country and folk music in Spain. Accept no imitations.”

– Mondosonoro (Spain)
“The most authentic sound of the American south!”

– Insonoro (Spain)
“Marvelous and genuine country singer.”

– Oscar Cubillo, El Correo (Spain)

Mannen bakom den populära countryblogg/hemsidan In The Circle bjuder på musik vi behöver höra. I båset kl 19.00

OBS! Servering av Folket Hus
(Ingen så kallad B.Y.O)

Dörrarna öppnar kl 19.00.
På scen kl 20.00

Förköp via billetto.se

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