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22/8 TisDass – Touareg Music (Niger) – Vardagsrummet i Folkets Hus

22/8 TisDass – Touareg Music (Niger) – Vardagsrummet i Folkets Hus

I samarbete med Folkets hus, Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten, Uddevalla Kommun, Västra Götalandsregionen och Studiefrämjandet

Mer info inom kort gällande biljetter.

TisDass is the Tamasheq word that refers to the pillars used to support Tuareg tents, without which would all collapse.

After several tours in Europe and collaborations in Portland, Oregon in the United States, TisDass is working with the Burkina Azza association to promote its music in France. The group was created by Kildjate Moussa Albadé, who lives in Niger and shares his story with us:

“My family is originally from Tchintabaraden, the capital of the Azawad region in Niger, but today we live in Niamey. My life is divided between these two towns and the desert, where my grandparents live. Even while pursuing my studies in Niamey, I return there often to remain in touch with the life of these grand spaces of northwest Niger.

In Niamey, when I was 14 years old, I saw one of my uncles return from Libya with a guitar. And my father, who listened to a lot of music on his huge cassette radio player, provided my musical education. So, I took the guitar and tried to learn how to play, alone, imitating the greats: Ali Farka Touré, Tinariwen, and Bob Marle…to name a few. At 16, I decided to form a group with my musician friends, which we called Innore, a Nigerien rock group. We played a lot for weddings and other parties in Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali. My path crossed with the great Tuareg guitarist from Niger, Bombino, who brought me into his group for his first international tour. The experience was challenging and enriching, and we made lots of contacts. After recording his album Nomad and finishing his second international tour, I decided to return to my own music. I created TisDass, a group that plays blues and rock that is touched by tradition and by the contemporary sounds of our everyday lives.

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