Poly Styrene, X- Ray Spex 2006

Uddevallakassetten/Witting interview with Poly Styrene from X- Ray Spex
Dec 2006

W: When did you start to play in the first place?

P.S: I started perfoming at the age of 5 in the primary school playground, I used to write and sing songs about the dinner lady who used to force me to eat meat when I wanted to be a vegetarian. I also used to protect and feed the stray cats on a local bomb site that was left after world war 2. I used to sing ‘Baby Face’ from Thoroughly Modern Millie to the stray cats that lived there, they were my 1st live audience, I guess I was about 7 or 8. I adopted the name Poly Styrene when I was in my mid to late teens and decided to form X-raySpex packing out Odeon Cinemas up and down the UK and rest I guess is history!

W: Is it more fun to play nowadays or was it more fun in the beginning?

P.S: It is always more fun when knowbody knows who you are. As when you are known you have a lot more to live up to!

W: What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

P.S: I have always been a new wave romantic internally, & punky rather than punk. Punk means a low life and I try my god damned hardest not to fit that bag or tag. I live a fairly alternative lifestyle and I have been living this way before the word punk became a fashionable name for a certain music genre.

Is there any good bands in England today?

P.S: Yes! I like Goldblade because they are fun and John Robb is a gorgeous hunk that makes Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious look like his vomit. There are also lots of good bands where I live in East Sussex I some times sit on a panel and judge them at Battle of the Bands and you know the quality of these kids playing is phenomonal, it is such a hard task.

W: What do you know about Sweden? What’s typical Swedish?

P.S: Sauna’s, Blondes, Blue Eyes, Somalian Refugees and Non Smoking Vegetarians. I have been to Sweden and it is a very special place in the history of my distant memory.

W: Have you ever been here and played? When will you come here the next?

P.S: Yes I have played on Swedish TV in my Spex days.
I guess when ever destiny allows!

W: Time?

P.S: When ever!

W: New album soon?

P.S: Flower Aeroplane is availabe from and I am reducing the price soon as there is technical fault of the first batch of CD’s. It only affects one track called Pink.

I am going to record a new version of Germfree Adolescents to go with my new Pop Art Diary of the 70’s by PolyStyrene. A little retro and slightly reinvented. Ex Dammed songwriter and guitarist Brian James is going to guest on some tracks for me as I did a guest vocal on his new album on a track called Eye Witness last summer in Brighton.

It might seem a crazy thing to do but Sanctuary Records only pay Spex 34p a CD between five people. So I had this brainwave and thought if you can’t beat them just reinvent it all to go with the new book! Foxy lady!

There are also lots of tracks available for download on I will send them a mint version of Pink in the next few weeks. So Pleeeeze don’t download that Pink!

W: First, last and most expensive record ever bought?

P.S: My first single was My Sweet Lord by George Harrison, I was 12 and I played it to death.

The last was a compilation called a Portrait of Duke Ellington. I wanted to listen to the first dance music that existed after the waltz etc., and I wasn’t dissapointed.

The most expensive has to be a documentry DVD of the late Jimi Hendrix and it was thrilling to see such a stunning showman.

W: Most embarrassing record in your collection?

P.S: Nothing really could embarrass me! Every thing has a purpose from classical to angelic choirs and harps to Brian James & Marvin Gaye. I think music is like changing clothes, and sometimes it’s fun to change styles as when and when the mood takes you.

W: Future plans with the band?

P.S: X-raySpex disbanded in the late 70’s and although the intellectual copyright and name belong to me as the founder member. I do not feel like living again in 1977. I am very much living in 2007, its only two days away!!!

W: Something to add

P.S: Thank you for contacting

Have Glorious New Year!

Yours truly,


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