11/2 Oh! Pears (US) + Kristoffer Ekberg

Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten bjuder återigen sina medlemmar på en exklusiv kontorsspelning. Denna gång gästar Oh! Pears från Philadelphia, USA samt en av Uddevallas största musikprofiler Kristoffer “Doffe” Ekberg (The Thunderbirds) som ger en solokonsert. Endast föranmälan, klicka i att du kommer (Facebook). Begränsat antal platser. Entré 40:- som går till reseersättning till Oh! Pears

Oh! Pears is the brainchild of Philadelphia’s Corey Duncan (Pattern is Movement), a thrilling new voice whose work draws equally from the
worlds of indie-pop (Beirut, Grizzly Bear) and classical composition (Ravel, Tchaikovsky) to create enchanting songs with transformative power.
Fill Your Lungs finds Duncan exploring a sound a lifetime in the making; setting stunning orchestral arrangements drawn from his family’s long
lineage of classical musicians to urgent, three-minute perfect pop nuggets not far removed from the stylings of his previous outfit, Pattern Is Movement.
It’s an engrossing sound that places Duncan at the forefront of a class of high-minded American songwriters like Van Dyke Parks and Jeremy Enigk.
The songs on Oh! Pears’ debut Fill Your Lungs EP deal with startlingly personal themes; “Singers” is about Duncan and his brother forging
their own identities amid intense Catholicism. “The Hall” touches on a relative’s gradual loss of sight, and how he learns to adjust his life to the change.
“A lot of these songs, really, are identity songs,” Duncan says. “Who my family is, who my friends are.”
On the last Tour Oh! Pears opened for Tv on the Radio, Schnaak and Buke and Gass and they played a lovely and thrilling afternoon Set at Fusion Festival.
For 2012 Oh! Pears are confirmed for Tanned Tin in Barcelona, one of the biggest spanish underground festival right after Primavera.


“Fill your lungs” (2010 self-released)
“Under the Olive Tree” (2011 digital-release)


“Yet, despite its ever-expanding lineup, Oh! Pears manages to maintain an impressive degree of musical restraint; “Singers” – the first of five tracks
on the bands self-released EP – isn´t overly busy or needlessly complicated, but a perfect example of how a song as a whole benefits when its various parts show a little respect for each other.”
The Key

“Under the Olive threes sees Duncan battling with a couple of different influences: you have the grandiose feeling that tends to come hand in hand with most
Beirut tracks (especially when the brass kicks in) and the urgency of Neutral Milk Hotel in their prime. Not a bad combination, right?”

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