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28/11-14 Ogoya Nengo & The Dodo Women’s Group (Kenya) + Raw Vibe Entertainment + Josefine Bengtsson “Orientalisk dans” mfl @ Kulturcafé Möteplats Dalaberg


OGOYA NENGO DODO WOMEN GROUP (Kenya) + Raw Vibe Entertainment
+ Josefine Bengtsson “Orientalisk dans”.

Fredag 28/11 2014 Mötesplats Dalaberg Fri entré

Det blev precis som vi planerat en kväll fylld av musik, möten och mångfald.
Först ut denna kväll var Raw Vibe Entertainment som tyvärr fick brottas med lite tekniska PA problem. Vi bjöds på vacker orientalisk dans med den fantastiska Josefine Bengtsson. Kvällens huvudakt och våra långväga gäster Ogoya Nengo & The Dodod Womens Group från Kenya bjöd på en sprakande och färgfylld show. Utanför värmdes trumskinnen kring en liten engångsgrill. Med spända skinn drev trummisarna på showen till dansanta rytmer. Vi bjöds även på solosång från Ogoya. En väldigt trevlig kväll och säsongsavslutning på Mötesplats Dalaberg

Ogoya Nengo was born Anastasia Oluoch in the late 1930ies, in a small village at the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria. Born to a family of singers and orators, she soon joined their trade as social messengers and commentators known as Dodo singers: As the last born in a family of seven who were all performers, Anastasia emerged as the favorite and was accorded the status of a full time Dodo singer at the age of 13, receiving the name Ogoya Nengo (“The Priced One”). Ogoya became the rave of their time, criss-crossing the region, singing to great chiefs, warriors and even colonial officers and missionaries.

Ogoya Nengo’s approach to Dodo, a genre which is in danger of vanishing, is a very personal one, her music is as timeless as it is mystical. Despite Ogoya being a legendary and very weighty Kenyan folk artist with a career spanning over three decades little people outside her area had the chance of hearing her and her ensemble yet.

This will hopefully change for good now: Ogoya Nengo’s international debut record has been produced in June and July 2013 by German experimental music mavericks Stefan Schneider (of To Rococo Rot) and Sven Kacirek (who previously had already featured the singer on his critically praised “Kenya Sessions”) and will be brought to you by London’s record store and label of taste, Honest Jon’s in fall 2014: Using nothing else than vocals and a bit of percussion this is a raw and unfiltered celebration of the song as an universal language! An European tour at the end of the year will accompany the album release.


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