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20-21/10 UK SUBS – Capricorn – Konspiration – Pirates Of The Pubs @ Czech Republic

20-21/10 UK SUBS – Capricorn – Konspiration – Pirates Of The Pubs @ Czech Republic

20/10 UK SUBS – Capricorn – Konspiration – Pirates Of The Pubs @ Pod carou, Pisek.
Tyršova 28, 39701 Písek, Jihočeský Kraj, Czech Republic

21/10 UK SUBS – Capricorn – Konspiration – Pirates Of The Pubs @ Knak, Teplice
Rooseveltovo náměstí 3 41501 Teplice

I samarbete med Studiefrämjandet Bohuslän Norra, Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten och ANK Music

2017 will be the U.K. Subs’ 40th anniversary as they remain one of the most respected and revered bands on the punk scene. Emerging as a high-speed R&B band, the Subs formed in 1977, with ever-present vocalist Charlie Harper, now 72 years young, rightly venerated as the godfather of UK punk. 2010 marked the fifth decade in which the band had continually graced stages worldwide, as 2016 saw them release their brilliant, critically acclaimed final album ‘Ziezo’; completing their quest to release each album alphabetically. Widely recognised as one of the most consistent and successful touring punk bands ever, they maintain the true spirit of punk rock. With a powerful line up in place (Steve Straughan – guitar / Alvin Gibbs – bass / Jamie Oliver – drums), they continue to thrill, entertain and enthuse wherever they play.

CAPRICORN (Uddevalla)
High energy soulful electrophonic rock, firmly rooted in the 60’s & 70’s soil! TTT Time To Testify, join the movement!

Rock/punkband från Uddevalla.

Tjeckiskt band som spelar Irländsk folk/punk.

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