13/8 Fejd klara för Uddevalla Folkmusikfestival

Kulturföreningen Uddevallakassetten presenterar ytterligare ett band till Uddevalla Folkmusikfestival. Lördag den 13 augusti möter Svensk medeltida folkmusik, dagens “folkmusik” hårdrocken då FEJD kliver på scenen. Mortens kommer att koka av dansade fötter och svajande hår! Skummet i ölglasen må fastna i skägget, ty nu är det fest! Patrik Rimmerfors – vocals, bouzouki, swedish bagpipe, jew’s harp, hurdy-gurdie, cow antler, recorder, willow-pipe
Niklas Rimmerfors – moraharpa (keyed fiddler), vocals
Lennart Specht – keyboards
Thomas Antonsson – bass
Esko Salow – drums

Fejd formed in 2001 through a fusion of the folk music duo Rimmerfors and a couple of members from the metal band Pathos. Rimmerfors played folk music with medieval undertones, performing on contemporary instruments, and together with their childhood friends of Pathos, the transformed into a refined band with the best of both worlds – the weight of heavy metal in symbiosis with the typical melodic language and sadness of the nordic folk music.

The brothers interest in swedish medieval folk music started back in 1995, commenced by music studying and the feeling of wanting to explore new musical ground and try something new. The brothers musical background, as well as their band mates, has its roots in heavy metal music, growing up listening to acts as Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate & Bathory. Inspiration is also drawn from like-minded bands such as Garmarna and Hedningarna.

In addition to Fejd, the brothers Rimmerfors still performs every now and then as the acoustic duo Rimmerfors.

Thomas, Esko & Lennart also playes in the power metal band Nostradameus, and in the swedish grammynominated metal band Pathos.

About some of Fejds instruments

Moraharpa or Keyed fiddler is a older version of the Hurdy-Gurdy, it is a strained bow instrument but instead of playing it like a violin you place it like a guitar and push keyes to change notes. The oldest preserved model of the instrument in Sweden dates back to 1526 and is keept at the Zorn museum in Dalarna (Sweden)

Svensk säckpipa or bagpipe is a instrument that has been used used all over the world in different shapes since 4000 B.C. The Swedish type is with cylindrically drilled pipes and almost totally died out in Sweden at the beginning of the twentieth century. You can find the same model in many countries Russia, Czech and Italy to name a few.

Mungiga or Jew’s Harp is probably one of the oldest types of instruments and can be found all over the world. It came to the Nordic countries during the Viking Age and has been used since that mostly in Folk music. Hungary might be the countrie that is most famous for their strong folk music tradition with jew’s harps.

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